BCAA-SL Insurance Advisors

May 18, 2017

To: All MoveUP members at BCAA-SL

Your union recently reached an agreement to formalize the process that BCAA has for providing employees with the opportunity to work in the Insurance Advisor role. The Insurance Advisor role is meant to be a stepping-stone on the way to becoming a Senior Insurance Advisor and allows employees time to get their Level 2 Insurance License while on the job. The attached Letter of Understanding indicates the amount of time provided to obtain this license is 18 months and requires BCAA to find a Service Advisor (or like) position should the employee not be successful with obtaining their level 2 license within 18 months.

Thank you,


Trevor Hansen
Union Representative 

File Number: 17-BCAA-SL-BLTN-LOU-MAY-18
Union Label: TH:kc usw 2009

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