Your Input Needed: Defence Fund Budget

October 19, 2017

To: All MoveUP Members at Home

Two decades ago members of this union added a provision to our Constitution to allow the previous year’s gains in the Defence Fund to supplement the revenue in the current year. Members wanted to increase the funds available for union operations at a time when our defence fund was much smaller than it is now.

Over the years, the Defence Fund has grown, and the money that’s there continues to earn interest. In addition to supplementing the budget, it’s used for arbitrations and strikes.

This has allowed MoveUP to provide a high level of service to the members without needing to increase the dues members pay their union. Indeed, dues have remained at their current level since 1995.

Twenty years on MoveUP would like to seek membership input into this matter once again.

Keeping in mind that strikes are relatively infrequent, we want to know what you think is best for the membership:  Should MoveUP continue to supplement the union’s operations from Defence Fund gains? Should MoveUP cut back services to members so that these gains can remain in the Defence Fund? Should MoveUP maintain the current levels of service to the members but ask members to pay more in dues (about 75 cents a workday, tax-deductible) to make up the difference and leave the gains in the Defence Fund?

We’d love to hear from you. Please answer Yes/No to the questions in this survey by end of day Tuesday. October 24, 2017.

File Number: 17-MOVEUP-COMM-BLTN- Defence Fund Budget Oct 19
Union Label: mm:usw2009


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