WCB Review Notice

June 11, 2019

To: All MoveUP Members

BC’s workers compensation system, WorkSafeBC which is also known as WCB, is responsible for providing compensation to injured workers. WCB is funded by employers and investment income. In exchange, workers cannot sue employers for injuries sustained on the job.

In 2002, the former government changed the Workers Compensation Act and WCB to decrease benefits and make it more difficult to have claims accepted. Since that time, the WCB process and decision-making have not been worker friendly. MoveUP regularly represents injured workers when their claims are denied by the WCB, frequently in relation to musculoskeletal and psychological injuries.

The government has announced a compensation system review and MoveUP will make a submission reflecting our experience representing members on these issues.  The reviewer, Janet Patterson, also wants injured workers to speak up about their experiences with the WCB. If you have had to deal with the WCB and have something to say, your story can contribute to a fairer compensation system for workers. We strongly encourage you sign up to have your voice heard at one of these public hearings. Please visit https://engage.gov.bc.ca/workerscompensationreview/ for information.

If you can’t make it to one of the hearings, you can email your thoughts, experiences, and feedback to: info@wcbreview.ca.

MoveUP members need to see fairness restored to the WCB system.  This is our opportunity. Please get involved today!

Niki Schnurr
MoveUP WCB Appeals Rep & OHS Coordinator

File Number: 19-MoveUP-WCB-BLTN-WCB Review Notice-Jun-11
Union Label: vs:USW2009


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