VPCU – Union Representative Assignment Change

October 9, 2019

To: MoveUP Members at V.P. Credit Union

Please join me in welcoming Scott Wilcox and Anny Chen as the new primary union representatives for V.P. Credit Union.  Scott and Anny will be sharing this assignment effective immediately.

As part of our ongoing commitment to all our members across our union, we frequently review the needs of our bargaining units and adjust our union representative assignments accordingly.  In this case, we determined that having two full-time representatives sharing a larger group of units allows us to provide a high level of engagement with our members and strong advocacy with our employers.

I would also like to thank Alicia Gallo for her outstanding work with this group.

Our job stewards are our members’ first point of contact whenever they need to discuss a workplace issue.  If any member has questions or concerns about a workplace issue, please contact your job steward.  The union representatives are there to support our job stewards on issues that are more complex and require escalation.  Union Representatives Scott Wilcox and Anny Chen may be reached at the union office 604-299-0378 or toll free 1-800-665-6838.

In solidarity,

Kevin Smyth
Senior Union Representative

File Number: LF: VPCU/ART 2
Union Label: KS:sm-USW2009


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