Victoria Shipyards – Update #3 on Bargaining and Sick Days

February 4, 2022

To: MoveUP Members at Victoria Shipyards

We hope that 2022 has started off well for everyone.

Your union has been present at the bargaining table for multiple in-person and virtual sessions. After the January 24, 2022 bargaining session, the employer filed for mediation to the Labour Relations Board of BC (LRB).

We met with the mediator on January 31, 2022 and have further dates scheduled in February.

Also, as many of you have heard, the employer has advised that they will not honour the five (5) paid sick days that was mandated by the provincial government. The employer’s response has been that the entitlements under the respective benefit plans meets or exceeds the mandate, therefore the mandate is not relevant to Victoria Shipyards employees. As employees, you know that under your current benefit plan, you are entitled to weekly indemnity, but only after the fourth day of illness.

The Boilermakers have filed a group grievance on behalf of the various unions, including MoveUP, to challenge the employer’s interpretation and are consulting with legal as to what the next steps will be.

We will keep you updated as things progress on both of these important issues.

In solidarity,

Yudon Garie, Union Representative

Union Label: YG:sm-USW2009


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