Victoria Shipyards – Bargaining Update #1

February 25, 2021

To: All MoveUP members at Victoria Shipyards

The collective agreement which represents all MoveUP members at Victoria Shipyards expires on February 28, 2021.

All unionized members at Victoria Shipyards are covered by a collective agreement which includes a variety of unions and is bargained for by the Boilermakers 191. All union members are covered under the main part of the collective agreement, including MoveUP members. There is also a portion of the collective agreement, LOU 7, which specifically covers only MoveUP members.

In order for your union to draft bargaining proposals specific to your concerns under LOU 7, the membership completed a bargaining survey in October 2020. Based on those survey results, your union has submitted those proposals to the Boilermakers 191 to present at bargaining with the employer. Additionally, there will be some proposals submitted by the Boilermakers which would improve language to the main portion of the collective agreement as well.

Bargaining committees are elected or appointed and typically include the executive councillor, where there is one, or the job steward for the bargaining unit. Seeing as there are no job stewards at Victoria Shipyards despite repeated requests for volunteers, Becky Sebastiano has agreed to serve on the committee with me.

Your employer was scheduled to meet with the Boilermakers on February 24, 2021 to exchange proposals. We will keep you updated on bargaining as things progress.

In solidarity,

Yudon Garie, Union Representative
Becky Sebastiano, Bargaining Committee

Union Label: YG:sk usw2009


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