Vancouver Shipyards – Bargaining Update #3

March 20, 2024

To: All MoveUP Members at Vancouver Shipyards

Since the last update, the Poly-Party, including MoveUP, has met with the employer on 35 dates in an attempt to reach a renewed collective agreement.

Progress is being made with a significant number of proposals being signed off between the parties. As you’re aware, MoveUP members are covered specifically by Appendix F of the collective agreement, however the remainder of the collective agreement also applies to you as well. What this means is that during bargaining, our input into the main body of the collective agreement is important as there may be impacts on us for general language updates.

There are several dates scheduled in March and April and MoveUP will be representing our members at every scheduled date, where possible.


In solidarity,

Kithusan Pararasasingam, Job Steward

Yudon Garie, Union Representative

File Number: 24-VANSHIP-BLTN-Bargaining Update #3-Mar20
Union Label: YG:kb usw2009


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