UPDATE: COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate Policy

March 8, 2022

To: All MoveUP members at FBC & FBC-CSC

We are writing to let you know that we met with the Company, and we have been informed that they will be amending their COVID19 Vaccination Mandate Policy with respect to the critical dates in the policy.

Here are the important dates and the changes being made to them:

Date for Proof of Vaccination:

Was March 14, 2022 – will now be April 11, 2022

**Testing of Employees without proof of vaccination will commence April 11, 2022.

COVID19 Testing Paid for by Company up to date:

 Was May 1, 2022 will now be July 1, 2022

The Company will be using the services of a third-party vendor, known as Qualtrics, who will be implementing and collecting the proof of vaccination information from our members.  Members can expect to receive an email in or around March 9, 2022, providing instructions on how to upload their proof of vaccination to the system.  This will likely require the scanning of the QR code, so please watch for the email coming from the Company.

We have also been informed that the COVID19 test kits will likely be made available to the members weeks before the April 11, 2022, date, however, at this point we are not aware of the type of kits that will be utilized.

We will provide you with any updates as we are informed.

In solidarity,

Cindy A. Lee, Union Representative

File Number: 22-FBC-BLTN- COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate Policy - Mar 8
Union Label: CL:hb usw2009


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