Upcoming by-election in District of Mission on April 24 for Mayor

April 21, 2021

To: MoveUP Members in Mission

A by-election for Mayor in the District of Mission will be held on Saturday, April 24.

Although the Fraser Valley Labour Council has not formally made an endorsement, we encourage you to read about your local candidates and to get out to vote for the person who you feel best reflect your values as well as those of the labour movement, which means supporting workers’ rights, affordability for families, and public investments as opposed to austerity.

You can find out more information about how to vote in the upcoming by-election by visiting: https://www.mission.ca/wp-content/uploads/Notice-of-By-Election-by-Voting-Advance-and-Mail-Ballot-Voting.pdf

Thank you for doing your part to make our democracy stronger.

In solidarity,

Lori Mayhew & Rysa Kronebusch
Co-chairs, Political Action Committee

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