Teletheatre BC – Layoff Notice (Section 54)

October 10, 2017

To all MoveUP members at Teletheatre BC:

We received a phone call and subsequent letter of notification today from Bill McNeill, General Manager of Teletheatre BC, advising of the impending layoffs of all MoveUP members from the Chilliwack premises of Teletheatre BC.  They have invoked Section 54 of the Labour Code of British Columbia wherein notice is given to the union when the employer plans to introduce or intends to introduce a measure, policy, practice, or change that affects the terms, conditions or security of employment of a significant number of employees to whom a collective agreement applies.  In this case, the employer intends to close and cease operation of the TBC location at Rainbow Country Inn, thereby affecting and causing the permanent layoff of all employees currently employed.

We have advised Mr. McNeill that when we meet pursuant to Section 54 of the Labour Relations Code of BC this Friday, we will be tabling a proposal for retroactive wage increases and other items from the date of expiry of your last collective agreement in January of this year. 

Further updates will be sent out following our meeting this coming Friday, October 13th.

In Solidarity,
Karen Rockwell, Union Representative

File Number: 17-TBC-BARG-BLTN-Section 54 notice
Union Label: KR:sh usw2009