Starlight Casino NW – Introducing Your Bargaining Committee

January 18, 2024

To: All MoveUP members at Starlight Casino NW

In preparation for bargaining your new collective agreement, we are pleased to inform you that Graeme Hutchison, President of MoveUP has appointed the following individuals to represent you at the bargaining table:

  • Erick Yong
  • Bobby Gill
  • Lovepreet Kandola (Alternate Bargaining Committee Member)

We would like to thank Erick, Bobby and Lovepreet for representing your membership as they will help build your first agreement.

Our next step will be to draft a survey that will be sent to the membership, which we strongly urge you to watch for and to participate in. It is imperative that you provide your responses and comments in order for us to be better equipped with a mandate that meets the needs of the membership. Your input is important, as it assists your bargaining committee in formulating contract demands to be taken to the negotiating table on your behalf.

A survey will be released in the coming weeks. Stay tuned and informed.

In solidarity,

Phil Bargen
Union Representative

File Number: 24-STARCAS-BLTN-Introducing Your Bargaining Committee
Union Label: PB:hb usw2009


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