Sign the petition to support locked out members at Kelowna Cabs

March 17, 2021

To: MoveUP Members

On February 26, Kelowna Cabs took the extreme tactic of locking out our MoveUP members, who work there as taxi dispatchers and call takers.

Our members have been without a collective agreement since the last one expired in May 2019. Kelowna Cabs is trying to outsource local dispatcher work to a call centre overseas and have even threatened during bargaining to replace all of our members with an app.

Back in November 2020, our union fought successfully at the B.C. Labour Relations Board to get Kelowna Cabs to rescind the layoff notices they had issued to our members. It appears, however, that this employer is desperate to get their way of shifting work to an overseas call centre which would ultimately mean the loss of those jobs in the community that our members do, but also deteriorating services as a result.

As fellow MoveUP members, we ask that you please take a minute out of your day to show your support for these locked out workers by signing the petition calling on Kelowna Cabs to end their lockout.

You can access the petition at MoveUPTogether.ca/endthelockout.

If you live in or near the Kelowna area and would like to do more to support these workers in your community, please contact MoveUP Vice-President Christy Slusarenko at cslusarenko@moveuptogether.ca.

In solidarity,

Christy Slusarenko
Vice-President, Combined Units

File Number: 21-MOVEUP-COMM-BLTN-Kelowna Cabs March 17
Union Label: mm:usw2009


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