Sign a petition to support menstrual equity

July 8, 2020

To: All MoveUP Members

Our union has been an advocate and an ally in the fight for menstrual equity. Working with groups like the United Way and their Period Promise campaign, we have taken action to commit to making menstrual products available in all our washrooms and have encouraged the employers where our members work with to do the same as well.

Today, our Women’s Rights Committee is asking you to be an ally once again by signing this petition calling on the Government of Canada to finally address menstrual equity at the national level. Signing the petition will take less than two minutes out of your day!

We know that menstruation is part of health, and that those who menstruate have experienced a time when they are unprepared for their period and have been forced to leave work or school because of it. Sadly, many have even been forced to make a choice to go without menstrual products because they cannot afford it. We need to come together to make our workplaces inclusive, equitable, and remove the stigma surrounding menstruating.

Please follow the link below and add your name to the growing number of Canadians calling on our government to create new policies that recognize menstruation is basic part of life and, therefore, menstrual products need to be a basic necessity.

On behalf of your Women’s Rights Committee,


Christy Slusarenko

Vice-President, Combined Units
Chair, Women’s Rights Committee

File Number: 20-WRC-Sign a petition to support menstrual equity-July 8
Union Label: kp:USW2009


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