Share your thoughts on our defunding police webinar

July 17, 2020

To: All MoveUP Members

We would like to thank of all you who joined us on Thursday, July 16 for our GoToWebinar discussing the issue of defunding police.

We appreciate that so many of you took the time out of your evening to be engaged with us and share your thoughts.

As our Human Rights & Multicultural committee looks to hold more member events and conduct campaigns in the future, we want to know your feedback after these webinars. Please take the time to fill out our short survey by clicking here.

During the event, we also asked a series of poll questions to gauge our audience’s response. Here are the results of those questions:

  1. Do you support defunding police?
    • 54.55% Yes
    • 24.24% No
    • 21.21% Unsure
  2. By your understanding, what does it mean to defund police? (Select all that apply)
    • 38.24% Less police around
    • 20.59% Safety services diminished
    • 85.29% Funding for police redirected to other social services
    • 58.82% More resources on risk reduction efforts
  3. Which of the following would you consider essential to defund police? (Select all that apply)
    • 94.74% Invest in other support services (e.g. mental health, education)
    • 47.37% Redirecting police funds internally for better training
    • 57.89% More money to support homeless/high-risk individuals
    • 47.37% Decriminalize drug possession
    • 4.25% I would not consider defunding police
  4. Do you feel police brutality is a concern?
    • 75% Yes
    • 12.5% No
    • 12.5% Unsure
  5. Do you feel white supremacy among police forces is a concern?
    • 65.71% Yes
    • 17.14% No
    • 17.14% Unsure
  6. Do you believe certain ethnic groups are particularly targeted by police?
    • 69.7% Yes
    • 15.15% No
    • 15.15% Unsure
  7. After going through this session, do you support defunding police?
    • 68.75% Yes
    • 12.5% No
    • 18.75% Unsure

If you have any questions or want to get involved with our union’s Human Rights & Multicultural Committee, please email Christy at


In solidarity,

Christy Slusarenko & Gunter Seifert
Co-chairs, Human Rights & Multicultural Committee


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