*REVISED* BCH & Powertech – Suspension of COVID-19 mandate and what that means for you

October 3, 2022

To: All MoveUP members at BCH & Powertech

*Further to our below bulletin sent on September 27, please be advised that the HR email was incorrect. It should be hr_confidential@bchydro.com*

Your employer has announced that they have suspended their COVID-19 vaccination mandate, effective September 26, 2022.  This mandate had been implemented as a protective measure to keep workers safe, and to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Although the mandate has been suspended, it does not mean that it has been eliminated.  The employer can choose to re-implement the policy at their discretion if the situation warrants it.

What does this mean for most members?

For most of our members who have declared and been vaccinated, this suspension will not affect your working situation.  We thank you for doing your part for public health and for keeping those around you safe.

What if I was on leave without pay?

Members who were on leave without pay can now notify the employer of your intent to return to work.  You must notify your employer of your intent to return, no later than October 4, 2022, by emailing hr_confidential@bchydro.com.

Your employer will schedule and confirm a return-to-work date with you.  However, if you do not email your employer by the deadline, they may deem you are not intending to return to work in your role.  We strongly encourage you to reach out as soon as possible to avoid any confusion.

What if my role will be identified as a carve out as noted in the arbitration award?

Your union and your employer have had regular meetings to discuss the arbitration award, and to identify the positions to carve out (in other words, positions that could have been worked remotely during the pandemic). The parties continue to make progress on identifying those positions, and have cancelled the earlier dates this month that had been set with Arbitrator Somjen. However, we have scheduled a further date on October 26, 2022 for any cases that the parties are unable to agree upon.  Arbitrator Somjen will then make the final decision on any outstanding positions.

What if I am deemed eligible for a carve out?

Our union will be seeking full remedy for any member deemed eligible. This may include back pay, although each case will be reviewed individually, and mitigating factors may be taken into consideration.

What if I am not deemed eligible for a carve out?

If you are not eligible for a carve out as you were deemed not able to work 100% remotely due to your position, there will be no compensation.  However, you are now eligible to return to work.

As soon as we have further updates, we will be communicating via further bulletins. We thank all members for your continued patience and understanding as we work to navigate through this process.

In solidarity,

Javed Saheb, Union Representative
Mike Novak, Union Representative
Ronnie Ho, Union Representative
Paul Voykin, Union Representative

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