Nimbus School of Recording & Media – Mediation Report

February 24, 2023

To: All MoveUP Members at Nimbus School of Recording & Media

We are writing to you today to provide an update on the status of bargaining with your employer.

Firstly, we’re aware of the employer’s recent e-mail in response to our communication sent to you last Friday night. You can read our email here if you have not already done so. We stand by the information we provided as being an accurate representation of the discussion at the table and the employer’s bad faith negotiation tactic to further delay the process of bargaining your first collective agreement. We’re committed to being fully transparent with you on our findings and our perspective of the employer’s behaviour throughout the proceedings so that you can make an educated decision on how we move forward.

I recommend, if comfortable, that you provide your personal e-mail address to either myself by reply, or by e-mailing so we can send relevant information regarding your employment to that address going forward (if you have not already done so).

In our last update, we provided a rough timeline on when we can expect the mediator’s report to the associate chair. We’ve been advised by the mediator that this timeline has been delayed. As of the writing of this bulletin, we have not received notice that the Labour Board has decided on the status of mediation.

In the meantime, we have submitted another Unfair Labour Practice complaint against the employer for bargaining in bad faith and failure to disclose relevant particulars. You can find a copy of the complaint here.

We’re hopeful that the report out will be completed soon by the Labour Board and a decision awarded which will determine our next steps. We are also anticipating a quick enough response from the Labour Board on receipt of our complaint, however, we anticipate the employer will attempt to delay the complaint process further to try to  avoid releasing the relevant financial data.

We’re committing to scheduling a meeting to discuss next steps and answer any questions you have once we have received a copy of the decision from the Labour Board.


In solidarity,

Nathan Beausoleil, Union Representative
Cody Taylor, Bargaining Committee
Christy Slusarenko, Vice President

File Number: 22-Nimbus School of Recording & Media – Mediation Report-Feb 24, 2023
Union Label: NB/ks usw2009


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