MoveUP Union Representative Assignment Change

December 12, 2017

To: MoveUP Members at Ladysmith & District Credit Union

During the absence of Sarah Melsness, Alicia Gallo will be the primary Union Representative in charge of servicing the members at Ladysmith & District Credit Union.

If any member has questions or concerns about a workplace issue, please contact your Job Steward.  Union Representative Alicia Gallo may be reached at the union office 604-299-0378 or by email at agallo@moveuptogether.ca.

For Job Stewards:
Please email any grievance forms to grievance@moveuptogether.ca to ensure both Rep and Admin receive documentation to go on appropriate grievance file.


In Solidarity,

Kevin Smyth, Senior Union Representative

File Number: LF: LDCU/ART 18
Union Label: KS:sl-usw2009


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