Konica Minolta – Union Representative Bargaining Change

April 5, 2024

To: All MoveUP Members at Konica Minolta

Please join me in welcoming Andrew Cheverie as the new bargaining representative for our MoveUP members at Konica Minolta. This is effective immediately.

As part of our ongoing commitment to all our members across our union, we frequently review the needs of our bargaining units and adjust our union representative assignments accordingly.

Andrew is looking forward to working with your bargaining committee in our efforts to negotiate the best possible agreement for the members. Your union is aware that in response to a loss of 103 billion yen in 2023, The employer made an announcement that 2,400 employees will be laid off globally by the end of March 2025. Its focus is newer business lines, including digital solutions, as demand for paper printing in office falls away.  Your union has been closely monitoring these corporate-wide changes, the pending amalgamation between Ricoh and Toshiba and subsequent developments. Pertinent language can be found in Article 19 and 27 of your collective agreement. Your job protection improvements will be at the forefront of our bargaining priorities.

Union Representative Andrew Cheverie may be reached at the union office via telephone 604-299-0378 or email acheverie@moveuptogether.ca.

In solidarity,

Trevor Hansen
Senior Union Representative

File Number: 24-KONICA-BLTN-Union Representative Assignment Change-APR5
Union Label: TH:kb usw2009


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