KNHS Bargaining Bulletin #1

January 13, 2023

To: All MoveUP Members at KNHS

KNHS Bargaining Bulletin #1


On January 12th your Union held a membership meeting for all MoveUP members of Kekinow Native Housing Society where we discussed upcoming contract negotiations. In this meeting, Union Representative Ronnie Ho was introduced as the lead negotiator for this round of bargaining.  Also in attendance was Vice President Christy Slusarenko who oversees the combined MoveUP units and Union Representative Nathan Beausoleil who is the servicing representative for Kekinow Native Housing Society.

Nathan and Ronnie provided an overview of the bargaining process and explained what members can expect in the coming months once bargaining has commenced. MoveUP is now ready to begin bargaining and have prepared a comprehensive package of proposals for the Employer. The proposals are focused on some key concerns the members had expressed in the bargaining survey where improvements in wages, pension, and benefits were identified as top priorities.

During the meeting we emphasized the importance of having member representation on the bargaining committee. Having members involved in the negotiation process not only provides insight into what the needs are for our members, it also provides clarity on the issues that may affect bargaining.  In addition to the administrative benefits of a member comprised committee, having members involved shows solidarity of the group to the Employer. The bargaining committee is the face and voice of all the members. Therefore, we are seeking a volunteer to step up, become a job steward and join the bargaining committee.

We encourage all our members to be involved so that we can achieve better benefits and entitlements. If you are interested in participating in the bargaining committee, please reach out to Nathan Beausoleil at,  Christy Slusarenko at or Ronnie Ho at  If we receive more than one volunteer, we will hold an election to determine who will sit on the committee.

The bargaining committee will be providing updates through bulletins as the bargaining process commences. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out us.

In solidarity,

Christy Slusarenko, Vice President of Combined Units
Nathan Beausoleil, Union representative for Kekinow
Ronnie Ho, Union representative (Lead negotiator-Bargaining)

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