Job Evaluation Transition Agreement

November 28, 2017

To: All Farebox Attendants, Farebox Receipts Attendants, Traffic Checkers at CMBC

In recent months, some of you have raised questions regarding your job descriptions and your rate of pay. These questions were quite understandable considering the length of time since your jobs were last reviewed. This led your union and the employer to enter into discussions regarding how to address these issues going forward.

The current collective agreement language defines the Farebox Attendant, Farebox Receipts Attendant, and Traffic Checker, as “non-office” jobs. As a result, these jobs were not captured by the job evaluation plan which is used to determine the salary group of all other MoveUP jobs. Instead, the union and employer are to negotiate the pay for these jobs.

After discussions with some of you, and with the employer, the union concluded that the best approach was to integrate these jobs into the job evaluation plan. The employer has agreed to this approach, and the parties have negotiated mutually agreeable terms for carrying out this transition. 

What this means is that a new job description, which accurately captures your key duties and responsibilities, will be produced. This description will then be evaluated, and placed within the appropriate salary group in the collective agreement. Aside from ensuring you have an appropriate and current job description, with the proper accompanying rate of pay, this also provides a process with clear steps and timelines for addressing job evaluation requests in the future.

Your new salary will become effective on February 12, 2018. We are hopeful that this will result in a salary increase for some or all of you. It is important to note that while we cannot say for sure what salary group your job will fit into until the process is complete, the union and employer have agreed that nobody will suffer a reduction in pay because of this change. All impacted employees will also still receive length-of-service increases on the same date they already would have.

I have attached a copy of the Letter of Agreement signed by the union and employer regarding this transition. You can find details of the job evaluation process by reviewing Article 4 of the collective agreement. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

In solidarity,

Stephen Von Sychowski, Union Representative

File Number: 17-CMBC-BLTN-Job Evaluation Transition Agreement-November 28
Union Label: SVS:lj-usw2009

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