ISCU – Section 54 Notice

September 15, 2020

To: MoveUP Members at Island Savings Credit Union

We understand how overwhelming yesterday’s news is and how emotionally challenging it is to go into your workplace now. The Employer has served the Union a Section 54 notice on Friday, September 11, 2020. In it, the Employer has noted an increase in the digital and self – service demands and a decrease in branch traffic and transaction volume.  All has led to workforce reduction at the non-unionized and unionized branch offices.

What is a Section 54 notice?

Section 54 of the Code currently requires that employers provide at least 60 days of notice to a union if it intends to introduce a “measure, policy, practice or change that affects the terms, conditions or security of employment of a significant number of employees.” Section 54 requires the Parties to discuss an adjustment plan. The Code does not currently require that Parties agree to an adjustment plan.

Once the Parties discuss, either can apply to the Mediation Division of the Labour Relations Board for the appointment of a mediator to assist with development of an adjustment plan where one is not reached. Following mediation, the named mediator may make recommendations for terms of an adjustment plan, if needed.

What are relevant provisions in the Collective Agreement?

First of all, you can find an electronic copy of the Collective Agreement at this link: https://moveuptogether.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/ISCU-Collective-Agreement-July-1-2019-to-June-30-2024-FINAL.pdf. We want to refer you to relevant provisions in the Collective Agreement:

Collective Agreement Article No. Cover…
Article 4 Rights of the Employer
Article 11.09 Salary Policy – Technological Change
Article 13 Layoff & Recall
Article 14 Seniority
Article 17 Technological Change
Article 18 Severance Pay
LOU 10 Full/Part Time Ratios


What do we need from you?

The Employer has the right to operate the business and direct the workforce, in accordance with Article 4 of the Collective Agreement. With that said, your Union would continue our multi-faceted efforts in the Section 54 process.

Under the circumstance, you have the right to choose layoff, bumping, recall or severance as set out in the Collective Agreement. In the efforts to administrate and negotiate for those who are adversely impacted by the Employer’s decision, we ask you to carefully consider the options and be patient. Once we have new information from the Employer, we will share it with you in subsequent general membership meetings. Should you have any question or concern, please do not hesitate contact me at achen@moveuptogether.ca.

In solidarity

Anny Chen, Union Representative

File Number: LF:ISCU/ART 13
Union Label: AC:sm-USW2009


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