ICBC – Enhanced Care Launches Saturday, May 1

April 30, 2021

To: All MoveUP members at ICBC

There have been many changes over the years at ICBC, but nothing is as significant or transformative as the launch of Enhanced Care for British Columbian drivers that takes effect tomorrow at midnight. In terms of its significance, it trails only to the actual creation of public car insurance in 1973, and the integration of the Motor Vehicle Branch from government to ICBC in 1997.

Since the announcement on February 6, 2020, staff, and managers at ICBC have been working flat out to get ready for Enhanced Care. The integration of all areas of ICBC has been critical to get prepared for Saturday’s launch. From ISD to insurance, injury claims to first notice of loss, broker inquiries to account services, it is clear this change has impacted every part of ICBC.

With such significant change, it would be foolish not to expect some growing pains along the way. It is important that each of us take a few deep breaths and prepare ourselves for the inevitable challenges that comes from such significant change. This will be an adjustment in how we think, how we act, and how we care for our customers.

We know that the next while will be tough on workers. How can it not be? But we are also grateful that the BC NDP government maintained their commitment to public car insurance. The alternative would have been devastating to everyone at ICBC and, ultimately, to all British Columbians.

We are thankful for your incredible commitment to BC and to making sure that affordable public car insurance remains public.

In solidarity,

David Black, President
Annette Toth, Vice-President, ICBC

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