ICBC – Bargaining – Update #6

March 2, 2023

To: All MoveUP members at ICBC

Your bargaining committee met with ICBC for 3 days since our last update to you. Discussions are progressing and we have exchanged counter proposals on numerous items and have achieved agreement on many of the simpler, straightforward proposals.

Many of the larger-scale items still require more time to reach agreement on including benefits, sick leave, working from home, as well as workload, among others.

ICBC has not withdrawn any of its proposals and continues to push your bargaining committee on problematic proposals regarding expanding provincial scheduling, creating casual employees, as well as reducing sick leave entitlements and the weekend premium.

We presented the results of our workload survey some of you responded to earlier this year. Thank you to all who shared with us. The results of the survey clearly indicated that something must be done in this round of bargaining to properly address chronic workload issues at ICBC. We hope that the corporation’s committee is as committed as we are to find solutions. We have included a copy of the presentation here. Please be aware that some of the topics discussed in the presentation include mental health impacts, including self-harm, and may be triggering to some.

Our next bargaining dates are March 27 – 30 and we will update you further at that time. If you have any questions for your bargaining committee in the meantime, please email us at

In solidarity,

In solidarity,

Brenda Chu, Executive Board Member
Bryan Finstad, Executive Board Member
Brian Martens, Executive Board Member
Dimitri Ossinsky, Executive Board Member
Jeff Bryant, Executive Board Member
Annette Toth, Vice-President
Trevor Hansen, Union Representative

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