Help Keep Your Workplace Safe: Join Your Local Health and Safety Committee – Brian Canfield Centre

August 8, 2019

To: MoveUP members at ICBC Brian Canfield Centre

The Joint Worksite Occupational Health and Safety Committee at your locations needs your help.  This committee is made up of both union members and management who ensure your office/worksite is a safe and healthy environment in which to work. We need at least 4 additional committee members right away.

In accordance with Workers’ Compensation Act, Division 4, joint occupational health & safety (OH&S) meetings will take place every month to identify and make recommendations that correct unsafe and unhealthy work environments.  You will conduct worksite inspections and participate in any investigations or inquiries of the workplace.

The time you spend on committee business is paid for by the employer.  Every new committee member is required to receive training as soon as possible. In addition, all committee members are entitled to eight (8) hours of education leave each year. All of this training is paid fully by ICBC, including your time away from work, the course costs and all reasonable expenses.  We recommend that all committee members take their training through the BC Federation of Labour’s Health and Safety Centre.  Please look at their list of courses and calendar here.

If you are interested in joining your Joint Worksite Occupational Health and Safety Committee or would like more information about what is involved in being on this committee, please contact me at atoth@moveuptogether.ca or our OH&S Coordinator, Niki Schnurr at nschnurr@moveuptogether.ca or by phone at 604-299-0378.

All bargaining unit committee members are appointed by our union’s president, David Black, as outlined in article 22 of the collective agreement, as well as our constitution.

With Unity,

Annette Toth

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