Greenpeace Canada – 4 Day Work Week Extension – Ratification Results

March 15, 2021

To: All MoveUP Members at Greenpeace Canada

Please be advised that the ballots were counted on March 11, 2021, by the MoveUP Returning Officer.

The MoveUP members at Greenpeace Canada voted in favour of accepting the extension of the 4 day work week letter of agreement.

The results are as follows:

Accept Proposed Letter Of Agreement: 6
Reject Proposed Letter Of Agreement:  0
Spoiled Ballots:                                                      0

Total Ballots Cast:                                                6

In solidarity,

Nathan Beausoleil
Union Representative

File Number: 21-GRPEACE-4 Day Work Week Extension - Ratification Vote Results - March 15, 2021
Union Label: NB/ks usw2009


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