Greenpeace Canada – 4 Day Work Week Extension – Deadline to Vote March 10

March 4, 2021

To: All MoveUP Members at Greenpeace Canada

We are re-holding the vote on the letter of agreement extending the 4 day work week pilot. We will be reopening balloting on Monday, March 8 at 8:30 AM and the deadline for voting on the pilot will be extended until Wednesday, March 10 at 4:30 PM.

Similar to the previous pilot, an extension will require ratification by the membership. The extension of the pilot is outlined in a letter of agreement, and I encourage you to review it prior to voting (the letter of agreement can be found here).

We will be using the member portal for the vote. You can access the member portal here. Please also take the time to review your contact information and ensure it’s up-to-date.

If any member has questions about the extension, please contact your job steward Charles Latimer, or myself.

In solidarity,

Nathan Beausoleil
Union Representative

File Number: 21-GRPEACE-4 Day Work Week Extension - Deadline to Vote March 10, 2021
Union Label: NB/ks usw2009


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