FortisBC – Seniority Revision

June 1, 2021

To: All MoveUP Members at FortisBC

In light of the implementation of the FortisBC collective agreement on February 1, 2021, some irregularities have come to light regarding the accrual of seniority for FortisBC bargaining unit members.

You may recall the company had posted a dovetailed seniority list for members to review and notified members to bring to their attention any anomalies or discrepancies, of which some members have done.

Upon further investigation, it has come to the union’s attention, that there might be some situations where members may not have had their seniority adjusted on the basis of two scenarios, and those are as follows as:

  • As of April 1, 2018, the language in Article 4 – Seniority changed, in that employees would not lose their seniority as a result of being disciplined or while on lay-off. This particular scenario will apply to FortisBC Energy Inc. employees in the MoveUP bargaining unit.
  • For members that started their careers with FortisBC as either full-time temporary employee, a part-time temporary employee or a part-time regular employee and then were successful in obtaining full-time regular status, your seniority should have been adjusted to reflect your date of employment with the company. This is clearly seen in Article 4.01 (c) of the collective agreement.

We are requesting that members please review their seniority dates and see if they may have been affected by either of the above two scenarios.

If you believe that your seniority needs to be adjusted, then we are asking that you send your information with any and all supporting documentation to fbcseniority@moveuptogether.ca to support your request.

We will be giving members until June 30, 2021, to provide the union with their request and the documentation to support the seniority revision. We will be reviewing all seniority revision requests and will provide confirmation if your seniority will be revised.

In solidarity,


Cindy A. Lee
Union Representative

File Number: 21-FBC-BLTN-Seniority Revision - May 31, 2021
Union Label: CAL/ks usw2009


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