FortisBC-Seniority Revision Bulletin #2

June 2, 2021

To: All FortisBC Members

As you may recall, we sent out a bulletin regarding the opportunity to have your seniority revised due to some anomalies that have come to light with the recent implementation of the FortisBC collective agreement.

We have received a few inquiries as to what constitutes “supporting documentation” when one is requesting to have their seniority revised. In essence what we need is proof, we need to be able to verify the request with hard evidence and not based on a verbal request.

Supporting documents is inclusive of any or all employment letters that shows status changes, promotions, demotions, suspensions issued, etc. We need to be able to establish that there was no break in service in your employment with the company. It would be beneficial that one provides a timeline of one’s career with FortisBC, mapped out if you will.

We have created a seniority revision request form, found here, that members will need to complete and return with their request, along with all supporting documents and evidence they will be using to substantiate their request. If we do not have enough information to complete and verify the request, we will contact you.

If you have any question or concerns, please send them via email them to fbcseniority@moveuptogether.ca.


In solidarity,

Cindy A. Lee
Union Representative


File Number: 21-FBC-BLTN-Seniority Revision Bulletin #2 - June 2, 2021
Union Label: CAL/ks usw2009


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