Executive Councillor By-Election Results -ICBC- EC #1625

February 8, 2024

To: all ICBC Members employed at ICBC members in EC Area # 1625

(EC #1225 are members employed at ICBC Campbell River Branch Office, Campbell River DSC, Courtenay Claims Services, Courtenay DSC, Duncan Branch Office, Duncan DSC, Port Alberni Branch Office and Port Alberni Driver Licensing GA.)

Term Ending: April 30, 2026

This is to inform you of the result of the recent by-election to fill the vacant executive councillor position for area #1625.  The deadline to receive nominations was 4:30 p.m. PT on Tuesday, February 6, 2024.

Bridget Hughes (OOA) is elected by acclamation for EC Area # 1625.

In Solidarity,

Sarah Mak 
MoveUP’s Deputy Returning Officer

File Number: 24-MU-ELEC -Executive Councillor By-Election Results -ICBC- EC #1625
Union Label: kp:USW2009


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