Enterprise – Labour Management Meeting

October 24, 2017

To: All MoveUP members at Enterprise Rent-a-Car Canada Company

The Union and the Employer will be initiating our first Labour Management Meeting commencing on November 1st, 2017.  We recognize the benefits of establishing a mechanism for ongoing discussion of concern and problems that may arise in the workplace between the parties. 

The objective of the Labour Management meetings is to provide a process whereby the representatives (members) of the Union and representative of (HR) Management will meet from time to time to discuss our concerns.

During these meetings the parties will seek information, provide advice to remedy the problems and exchange each other’s views.  This gives both parties the opportunity to develop meaningful dialogue in good faith. The purpose is to find solutions to our concerns and problems.

Meetings will be scheduled once every three (3) months although this may be changed by agreement from the parties.

Participants will include two (2) representative from the union and two (2) representatives from the employer.  One alternate from the Union will be selected as a back-up. 

I am seeking volunteers for this committee and it is open to all Union members.  I encourage you to send me an email if you are interested and you may also nominate a fellow employee that you feel would be a good representative of the membership.

Please reply no later than Sunday, October 29th. 

In solidarity,

Mike Novak
Union Representative

Union Label: MN:kc usw2009


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