Consider Becoming a Job Steward – Urgent Need for Representation for Employees in the YPG Bargaining Unit

February 6, 2017

To: All MoveUP Members at YPG

You may be aware that over the last number of months we (Patrick Evangelista, Paul Marchetto and Union Representative Barry Hodson) have been exploring various considerations with your employer on your behalf to see if you are in agreement to extend your current collective agreement by two years, as requested by your employer.

During these discussions, and during the Labour Management meetings, we were seeking a proper RBS allocation in accordance with the collective agreement and in moving forward in setting up the new cycle this change led to a reduction of the workforce by the separation of six employees. Unfortunately two of those who took the separation package were Patrick and Paul, which means we are now without any stewards acting on your behalf and forming the communication lines between you and the Union.

We will be putting the Employer’s position before you to vote upon and determine whether we are extending the agreement by two years (until December 31, 2017) or we are at the table in collective bargaining.

We are hereby reaching out to you asking that you consider becoming a Job Steward acting on behalf of the employees of Yellow Pages Group and representing your channel. If you would like to explore this position please send me an e-mail at bhodson@moveuptogether.ca, or call me at your convenience at 604 473 3861, or on my cell phone 604 230 4601. I cannot stress enough how important it is in representing our members that we are provided current information on matters affecting the employee relationship with your employer so that it can be dealt with on a timely basis and/or be a matter of discussion during our Labour Management meetings held and intended to deal with issues as they arise.


In Solidarity,

Barry Hodson
Union Representative

File Number: 17-YPG-Bltn: Urgent need for Job Stewards at YPG-Article 5
Union Label: ks/usw2009


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