Coast Mountain Bus – Shift Trades

October 5, 2017

TO: All Customer Information Clerks and Customer Information Workleaders at CMBC

Earlier this year we heard from some of you regarding ongoing concerns about restrictions on shift-trades. Specifically, we were told that members had been advised that in the event of shift-trades, both parts of the trade would need to be worked within the same pay period. We viewed this as unnecessarily restrictive, and brought the concerns forward to management.

We had discussed these concerns with the employer at that time and believed the matter had been resolved. However, we have heard recently that this was not the case. We therefore raised the issue with the employer once again. Following this further discussion between the employer and your union, we have received confirmation that this restriction will no longer apply. Going forward, you will not be required to complete trades within the pay period. However, please be advised that you will still need to complete all trades within the calendar year due to potential pension implications if the trade is outstanding at the end of a pension segment.

Thank you for your patience while this issue was brought to a resolve. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

In solidarity,

Stephen Von Sychowski, Union Representative
Alicia Gallo, Vice President Combined Units

File Number: 17-CMBC-BLTN-Shift Trades-October 5
Union Label: SVS:lj-usw2009


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