Change of Representative Assignments

September 13, 2021

To: All MoveUP members at Avis, Bonny's, Enterprise, Hertz, Vancouver Taxi

As part of our ongoing commitment to all our members across our union, we frequently review the needs of our bargaining units and adjust our union representative assignments accordingly. This is one of those moments, so we thank Shawn Lakusta for his dedicated and enthusiastic work on behalf of our members at your workplaces. We need Shawn’s talents at one of our other service areas. We are interviewing for a full-time regular union representative to replace Shawn as your union representative. In the meantime, we have Ward Edgar in our office taking calls from Shawn’s former service area.

Ward is one of our long-time activists and many of you already know him from prior experience. Welcome Ward, and thank you for stepping in to temporarily backfill Shawn.

Good luck Ward and Shawn – we wish you all the best in your new assignments.

Our job stewards remain our members’ first point of contact when discussing workplace issues.  If any member has a question or a concern about a workplace issue, please contact your job steward.  The union representatives are there to support our job stewards, and more complex issues will be escalated if need be.  Union Representative Ward Edgar can be reached at the union office at 604-473-3859, toll free at 1-800-665-6838 or via email at wedgar@moveuptogether.ca.

In solidarity,

Kevin Smyth, Senior Union Representative

File Number: 21-AVIS-BONNYS-ENTERPRISE-HERTZ-VANTAXI-Rep Assignment Change-September 10
Union Label: KS/LJ: USW2009


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