CCCU – Work from Home Survey

July 6, 2021

To: MoveUP Members at Coastal Community Credit Union

The employer and your union have committed to discuss a work from home (“WFH”) option beyond the pandemic. The employer will assess its operational needs, review all positions and prioritize its selected hybrid positions in the coming months.

We understand what benefits these hybrid positions offer and will work diligently with the employer to develop a health and safety policy and a comprehensive WFH administration plan.  While we are waiting for further information from the employer, please complete our survey detailing various items regarding working from home.  We value your input.  (Link to survey has been sent to your home email address.  If you did not receive survey link, please email smartin@moveuptogether.ca.)

Once we have more details from the employer, your union will schedule a membership meeting, with a focus on this subject, in the near future. Should you have any question, concern or suggestion, please send an email to cccuwfh@moveuptogether.ca.

In solidarity,

Anny Chen, Union Representative

File Number: LF:CCCU/LOU-WFH
Union Label: AC:sm-usw2009


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