CCCU – Revised Job Descriptions

April 26, 2017

To: MoveUP Members at Coastal Community Credit Union

CCCU has provided the job description committee with revised job descriptions based on previous job committee discussions between the union and CCCU. The union committee would like each of you to go through your attached job description and provide feedback on the revised job descriptions. We know we have asked you to do this previously, but it will be extremely helpful for you to go through the exercise a second time so the descriptions can be as accurate as possible. If your job own description is not attached please contact your union representative Sarah Melsness (smelsness@moveuptogether.ca) to ensure we get you a copy to review.

The job description committee will then meet again to discuss if any further changes need to be made and/or if the union believes any of the job descriptions are classified at the incorrect salary level. We thank you for the participation with this lengthy project.

Please provide any feedback by May 31, 2017.

In solidarity,

Colleen Berge, Job Description Committee Member
Laurie Kirk, Job Description Committee Member
Sarah Melsness, Union Representative

File Number: LF:CCCU-JOBD
Union Label: SM:sl-usw2009

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