CCCU/CCIS-Employer Grievance re Rights of Employer

February 6, 2018

To: MoveUP Job Stewards at Coastal Community Credit Union and Coastal Community Insurance Services

The employer has filed a policy grievance against the union pertaining to job stewards and medical documentation. In the grievance the employer points to instances where a steward accepted a members doctor’s note and did not submit it for quite some time after acquiring it. There was also discussion around job stewards managing the workforce and telling members that they don’t need to speak to management when calling in sick which is a violation of the employer’s policies and procedures.

Please be advised that as a job steward you are not privy to member’s medical documentation. Although the member may feel comfortable sharing this information with you, the role of the steward is to direct the member to the appropriate management person. This information should be brought to the attention of management immediately.  Withholding pertinent medical documentation puts all parties at incredible risk should something happen to the employee in relation to possible limitations and/or restrictions identified in a medical note. In addition, a delay in providing medical information to the carrier would impact timelines for adjudication, approval of the claim and subsequently payment of disability benefits to the employee.

It is also important that stewards are mindful of the employer’s policies and procedures surrounding sick leave. Stewards should not relay information on behalf of the member but inform them of their need to speak directly with their supervisor.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding this grievance.

In solidarity,

Alicia Gallo
Union Representative


File Number: LF: 18-CCCU/CCIS-ART 4
Union Label: AG:sl-usw2009

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