CCCU Bargaining Update #7

November 27, 2020

To: MoveUP Members at Coastal Community Credit Union

Your Union understands the professional and personal challenges you have faced this year. While we continue to discuss the Employer’s pandemic response plan with the Employer, we have worked hard to negotiate a fair collective agreement for you.

Your bargaining committee has met with the Employer on January 9 – 10, February 6 -7, April 30, May 1, September 18, November 25, 26 and 27, 2020. There are still outstanding proposals which the Parties are not in agreement on, that includes wages and benefits. Therefore, we will be applying for assistance from a mediator from the Labour Relations Board. We will provide you with further updates as the matter proceeds.

In solidarity,

Your Union Bargaining Committee:
Colleen Berge, Job Steward
Carolyn Davenport, Executive Councillor
Heather Healy, Executive Councillor
Laurie Kirk, Executive Councillor
Anny Chen, Union Representative
Scott Wilcox, Union Representative

File Number: S:BARG/CCCU
Union Label: AC:sm-USW2009


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