Cascades Casino – Changes to MOA and CEWS

October 23, 2020

To: All MoveUP Members Employed at Cascades Casino

Your union has been working communicating with your employer and other employers where we represent members in the casino industry. Along with other unions, we have held meetings with the BCLC. Before the BC Provincial Election was called, both MoveUP President David Black and Vice President Christy Slusarenko were having discussions with government officials to reopen casinos. We know how stressful this has been for all our members, waiting for stability in your industry and in your jobs.  We have reviewed BCLC’s plans as well as your employer’s plans for reopening and are extremely supportive of all the work that has gone into these plans in terms of safety for all of our members and the safety of the gaming clientele.

Recently your employer requested to meet with MoveUP and discuss the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on returning to operations, as the Canadian Emergency Wage subsidy (CEWS) is being revised by the government.  Click here to see the changes.

The amendment that impacts the current MOA is that as of October 25, 2020, the wage subsidy for furloughed employees will be aligned with the benefits provided through Employment Insurance to ensure equitable support to Canadian workers, and in accordance with the announcement the government made on July 17 unveiling adjustments to the wage subsidy. This means that the subsidy per week in respect of an arm’s length employee (or a non-arm’s length employee who received pre-crisis remuneration for the relevant period) would be the amount of eligible remuneration paid in respect of the week; or, if the employee receives remuneration of $500 or more in respect of the week, the greater of $500 and 55 per cent of pre-crisis remuneration for the employee, up to a maximum subsidy amount of $573.

We understand that this creates a challenge in terms of our members financial situations; however, we will be pushing to have casino operations reopened. MoveUP believes we need to continue to fight for our members to return to operations, and the plans we have been apprised of demonstrate that casino operations can open safely and that they need to be given an opportunity to prove that opening is safe.

During our discussions with your employer we requested to make an amendment to the MOA. We raised this amendment in response to our members concerns with paragraph 31 – On return to operation the limit on supervisors or managers performing bargaining unit work will be applied only where the duration of such activity exceeds two (2) hours in length in any one shift.

The amendment we sought on return to operation, was that the limit on supervisors or managers performing bargaining unit work will be governed by Article 1.07 of the Collective Agreement which limits supervisors or managers ability to perform your work.  Your employer has agreed to this amendment. It is a small change but an important change.

MoveUP will continue to work with the casino industry and the other unions to lobby the newly elected government to reopen casino operations. We believe there is nothing more important than getting all our members back to work. During this ever-changing situation we continue to work for all of you. We are concerned for our members, health and safety as well as your livelihood. We will keep you informed as we progress through these difficult times.

If you have any questions or concerns please to contact your Union Representative Kelly Quinn at kquinn@moveuptogether.ca, or on her cell 604-803-0205, or your Vice President Christy Slusarenko at cslusarenko@moveuptogether.ca .

In Solidarity,

Christy Slusarenko, Vice President Combined Units
Kelly Quinn, Union Representative

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