CapilanoU – Newly Announced Vaccination Policy

August 27, 2021

To: All MoveUP members at CAPU

We are in discussion with the University regarding the recently announced vaccination policy that will be implemented for the Fall semester. The new vaccination policy would require that any person on campus (faculty, staff, students, etc) be vaccinated, or participate in a rapid testing process at regular intervals if they are unable or unwilling to get vaccinated.

We have concerns with the implementation of this policy so close to start of semester without any details or logistics confirmed. We have been discussing, and will continue to discuss with the University, an extension to remote operations on a temporary basis to limit the amount of people on campus while we continue our discussions regarding the vaccination policy and in consideration of increasing delta variant transmission in the province.

The University has committed to providing us with a response to a remote operation extension by next week. Anyone who has concerns with returning to campus in the fall should inform their manager, in the meantime.

In solidarity,

Nathan Beausoleil, Union Representative
Christy Slusarenko, Vice President – Combined Units

File Number: 21-CAPU-BLTN-Newly-Announced-Vaccination-Policy-August-27
Union Label: km/usw:2009


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