BCNU – Worksite and Bargaining Update #2

July 19, 2023

To: All MoveUP members at the BCNU

We wanted to provide a brief update on bargaining, as well as on a situation around your workplace. Currently, we are attempting to nail down some future bargaining dates for July and August while the employer works out the construct of their bargaining team. This leads into the workplace update from when myself and your bargaining team Ryan, Wendy and Jason met with the employer virtually.

At discussion was the status of BCNU COO Moninder Singh with the hopes of clearing up any misconceptions that people may have, as well as alleviating any fears amongst our members. The employer, and Moninder in particular, advised us that the news report was inaccurate and in fact he has never received any type of threats, nor been told by police that his life is in jeopardy. Moninder being away from the office is part of the safety plan and the BCNU is doing its due diligence to ensure that staff are safe.

The employer may also schedule a staff meeting in the near future, once they have completed their safety plan, where staff will be able to speak freely and ask candid questions. There is a possibility that the Union, possibly myself, will be able to attend as well.

We will keep you posted on further developments in regards to both of these situations soon.

If you have any questions or concerns about bargaining, please connect with us by emailing

In solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee:

Wendy Harris, Bargaining Committee
Jason Kliman, Bargaining Committee
Ryan Harmer, Bargaining Committee
Phil Bargen, Union Representative

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