BCH & Powertech – Bargaining Update # 8

January 16, 2023

To: All MoveUP members at BCH & Powertech

Your MoveUP bargaining committee met with BC Hydro last week and made some good progress. We had lengthy discussions with your employer about their revised proposals which included monetary and non-monetary components.  As there were many items of concern in the employer’s proposals, we will now take the time this week to discuss and create counterproposals. We are scheduled to meet again with BC Hydro on January 24th.

We appreciate your patience throughout this bargaining process. We know that rushing or expediting negotiations can lead to elements being overlooked and may result in not getting the deal we want. Rest assured your committee is working hard to negotiate the best possible deal in a quick and efficient manner.

Your committee is dedicated to achieving market adjustments to bring wages up to industry standard and beyond.

We feel we have momentum, and we are confident that we will make considerable progress when we meet with your employer next.

In solidarity,

Mike Novak, Union Representative-Lead Negotiator
Javed Saheb, Union Representative
Rysa Kronebusch, Vice-President, Utilities
Anderson Charles, Bargaining Committee Member
Calvin Jonas, Bargaining Committee Member
Rhys Coulter, Bargaining Committee Member
Shelly Johnston, Bargaining Committee Member
Kelly Cammack, Bargaining Committee Member

File Number: 23-BCH-BARG-BLTN-Bargaining-Update-#-8-January-16
Union Label: km/usw:2009


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