BCH & Powertech – Bargaining Update #11 – Consumer Price Index Report

March 23, 2023

To: All MoveUP members at BCH & Powertech

We are pleased to inform you that, as part of your ratified collective agreement, you will be receiving the maximum cost of living adjustment for the two-year wage increase, April 1, 2023.

BC Stats has released the Consumer Price Index Highlights report for February 2023, which confirms that the general wage increase for the second year of the Shared Recovery Mandate will be 6.75%. This is comprised of the 5.5% guaranteed general wage increase and the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) that is capped at 1.25%.

In solidarity,

Mike Novak, Union Representative-Lead Negotiator
Javed Saheb, Union Representative
Rysa Kronebusch, Vice-President, Utilities
Anderson Charles, Bargaining Committee Member
Calvin Jonas, Bargaining Committee Member
Rhys Coulter, Bargaining Committee Member
Shelly Johnston, Bargaining Committee Member
Kelly Cammack, Bargaining Committee Member


File Number: 23-BCH-BARG-BLTN-Bargaining-Update-11-Consumer-Price-Index-Report-March-23
Union Label: MN:skm USW 2009


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