BCAA – RACC – Remote Work Policy Grievance Update

October 18, 2022

To: All BCAA RACC members

As you may recall, MoveUP initiated a policy grievance regarding BCAA’s Remote Work Policy (P0088) on December 21st, 2021. This grievance aimed to improve the terms of the policy and protect you with fair and reasonable conditions if you choose to work remotely.

We are pleased to announce that we were able to achieve agreement with BCAA and have drafted a Letter of Understanding with the terms of that agreement. A copy of the signed Letter of Understanding may be found here.

Specific terms that you should be aware of:

  • Working remotely is voluntary. That means that you can opt to work from home, or your designated headquarters, but BCAA does not have the explicit right to direct you to work remotely.
  • You will no longer lose pay if you experience a technical disruption or power outage while working remotely. In the event that you need to relocate due to a technical disruption or power outage, you will be paid the lesser of: a) time spent relocating; and b) four hours.  You will no longer need to use your vacation/banked time.

Should you have any questions regarding this, please reach out to your local job steward or Union Representative Dora Wong at dwong@moveuptogether.ca.

In Solidarity,

Dora Wong, Union Representative
Trevor Hansen, Union Representative


File Number: 22-BCAA-RACC-Remote Work Policy Grievance Update - Oct 18
Union Label: kp:USW2009


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