BCAA – Joint Occupational Health and Safety (JOSH) Committee Process

April 9, 2020

To: MoveUP Job Stewards and Joint Occupational Health and Safety (JOSH) Committee Members

Good afternoon BCAA Job Stewards and Joint Occupational Health and Safety (JOSH) Committee members.

The last few weeks have been unprecedented times for all of us. We have had numerous mountains to climb and conquer, with many of us now adjusting to what is the new normal. To continue moving forward, we now need to ensure we have appropriate long-term strategies in place. The pandemic has tested our workplaces in ways never seen before, particularly placing uncharted demands upon our JOSH Committees and members.

MoveUP and I are here to offer each of you our full support and assistance as we navigate through this process. Through my time as a union representative, I have gained substantial amounts of background in both the WCB Act and in the JOSH Committee process. Please do reach out if you need any assistance, or perhaps you just need a sounding board to hear and walk you through your thoughts or concerns, we want you all to know your union is here for you.

We would like to share a few things for consideration as we move forward:

  • JOSH Committee members at each worksite should confirm that the employer has developed an appropriate control plan to prevent/minimize exposure to Covid-19.
  • Take this opportunity to read the appropriate portions of the Workers Compensation Act. Part 3, Divisions 3 and 4, and Sections 115 – 125 will be of interest. Sections 125-140 are critical.
  • Issues that cannot be properly sorted out with the Employer should be referred to WorkSafe by the Union Co-Chair. Your union has a written recommendation procedure for this (see s. 133 of the Act and MoveUP’s OH&S website for a fillable pdf).
  • Last but certainly not least remember the basics: (1) Members have the right to know the risks and exposures in the workplace. (2) Members have the right to participate in OH&S matters. (3) Members still have the right to refuse unsafe work. If such a claim is being made, it should be well documented, and the process under OH&S Regulation 3.12 should be followed. (4) Members have the right not to be disciplined, demoted, intimidated, suspended, etc. as a result of raising and/or dealing with health and safety issues in the workplace.

Please communicate to all the members you are responsible for. Advise and educate members of your role in the occupational health and safety process, while seeking their input and feedback. There is nothing better to alleviate fear in our members than having them know that their interests and concerns are heard and being addressed by caring and competent colleagues who have the responsibility to safeguard the workplace. If you are working from home, please arrange time to contact your colleagues by phone.

In solidarity,

Scott Wilcox, Union Representative
Christy Slusarenko, Vice President Combined Units

File Number: LF: BCAA/COVID
Union Label: SW:sm-USW2009


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