BC Hydro – Rep Assignment Change

January 12, 2024

To: All MoveUP members at Various BC Hydro Locations

Please join me in welcoming back Alina Teymory who will be replacing Ronnie Ho as the primary union representative for BC Hydro locations, effective January 15, 2024.

We thank Union Representative Ronnie Ho for his advocacy and time serving your bargaining unit.  Although he is leaving the BC Hydro bargaining unit, and we are sad to see him move on, Ronnie is not leaving MoveUP and will continue to represent other bargaining units.

Effective January 15, 2024, Alina Teymory will be the Union Representative in charge of servicing the members at the following BCH locations:

  • BCH Campbell River – John Hart GS
  • BCH Campbell River DO
  • BCH Campbell River Ironwood DO
  • BCH Courtenay DO
  • BCH Courtenay Lineroom
  • BCH Duncan – Vanc Island Terminal
  • BCH Duncan DO
  • BCH Nanaimo Construction Svc
  • BCH Nanaimo DO
  • BCH Port Alberni DO
  • BCH Port Hardy DO
  • BCH Qualicum DO
  • BCH Surrey – Complex
  • BCH Surrey – Construction
  • BCH Surrey – GARAGE
  • BCH Surrey – GARAGE 2nd Flr
  • BCH Surrey – Ingledow Substation
  • BCH Surrey – Investment Recovery
  • BCH Surrey – LMS 1
  • BCH Surrey – LMS 1 CIB
  • BCH Surrey – LMS 1 Lineroom
  • BCH Surrey – LMS 2
  • BCH Surrey – LMS Admin
  • BCH Surrey – LMS CS & Design
  • BCH Surrey – LMT
  • BCH Surrey – NIA
  • BCH Surrey – STORE #1 & DSP Store 1
  • BCH Surrey – Trades Training Centre
  • BCH Vancouver – Hamilton 01
  • BCH Vancouver – Hamilton 02
  • BCH Vancouver – Hamilton CC
  • BCH Vernon 1
  • BCH Vernon 2
  • BCH Vernon Annex
  • BCH Vernon Construction
  • BCH Vernon Control Ctr
  • BCH Vernon Lineroom

Our job stewards are our members’ first point of contact whenever they need to discuss a workplace issue.  If any member has questions or concerns about a workplace issue, please contact your job steward.  The union representatives are there to support our job stewards on issues that are more complex and require escalation.  Union Representative Alina Teymory may be reached at the union office via telephone 604-299-0378 or email ateymory@moveuptogether.ca

In Solidarity,

Cheryl Popeniuk
Senior Union Representative

File Number: 24-BCH-BLTN-Rep-Assignment-Change-Alina-Teymory-January-15
Union Label: skm USW2009


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