Answering Your Questions About the Executive Board Nomination Forms Process

June 30, 2021

To: All MoveUP Members

On Monday, June 28, nominations for executive board positions – including president and secretary-treasurer – opened. The deadline for nominations is 4:30 pm. on July 19. All the nomination forms, and information about the election, can be found here moveuptogether.ca/election2021.

We have put together this short Q&A in response to some technical questions you may be having regarding the forms.


Not all the fields in the form are working when I open it. What do I do?

The nomination forms work best when you save the PDF to your computer and open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Most people have this already installed on their computer. You can find it on your operating system’s app store or download it from free from the Adobe website.

If you are viewing the forms through a web browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Edge), not all the features may work.


Are handwritten signatures in electronic format acceptable?

Yes, as a candidate you have the ability to insert a hand-signed signature (e.g. through an electronic pen) or insert an image of a signature that was hand-signed, those will be considered acceptable.

Electronic signatures refer to typed signatures or digitally signed certificates. A typed signature refers to any form of signature that is created by typing rather than an actual hand-signed signature. No form of the aforementioned electronic signatures will be accepted for nominators.


How do I type my signature as the candidate?

To insert a typed signature, click on the “sign document” icon at the top, click on “Add Signature”, then either type, draw, or insert your signature from an image.

Afterwards, you can place your signature in the appropriate spot.


Can I simply print off the form, fill it out by hand, and then scan and email it back?

Absolutely! For most people, this may be the simplest option especially if you have close contact with your nominators who can sign the form by hand.

As a reminder, the completed form must be scanned and emailed to the Returning Officer. We do not accept submissions via fax or mail.


Can my nominators use the fillable electronic signature feature on the candidate’s form?

Yes, the nominator can use the fillable electronic signature feature on the candidate’s form, as long as the nominator emails the form to the Returning Officer at returningofficer@moveuptogether.ca. However, this is not necessary. If the nominator cannot provide a hand-written signature, they must email the Returning Officer, which will act as the nominator’s signature.


I won’t be seeing my nominators in-person. How can I get them to sign my form?

We will accept emails from your nominators as a form of signature verification. Your nominators should email returningofficer@moveuptogether.ca directly and include the following information:

  • Candidate’s name
  • Position they are endorsing candidate for (i.e. president, secretary-treasurer, or executive board member)
  • Nominator’s name
  • Nominator’s employer and worksite location
  • Nominator’s MoveUP member number (available by contacting membership@moveuptogether.ca)

To assist us with sorting all the emails, we ask that the nominator include in the subject line the candidate’s name and position they are endorsing for. (e.g. Endorsement for Jane Doe – Secretary-Treasurer)


I have more questions. Who can I ask for further clarification?

Please refer all election-related questions to returningofficer@moveuptogether.ca.


In solidarity,

Eama Melland
MoveUP Deputy Returning Officer

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