Alma Mater Society – LOA Catering and Conferences

August 28, 2020

To: All MoveUP Members employed at Alma Mater Society

MoveUP has reached an agreement with the Alma Mater Society concerning Catering and Conference and keeping members employed under the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) program. Business in this department has been dramatically affected due to COVID 19. Members in this department have had their hours reduced and, in an effort to keep members employed rather than facing layoffs, the parties have agreed to a Letter of Agreement (LOA) that provides protection for members such as maintaining employer funded benefits, accrual of hours with respect to vacation, sick leave, and personal leave. In addition, we have agreed that should layoffs become necessary, payment for severance will be calculated on a normal year’s salary. Impacted members can utilize their vacation, lieu time and personal leave towards topping up their hours to full pay. The parties have also agreed to review the LOA should CEWS change or as it comes to an end in December 2020. These are difficult times for many businesses and employees. Your Union knows that this reduction is not ideal but are pleased there is an agreement to protect our members. Attached is a copy of the LOA here.

In Solidarity,
Kelly Quinn, Union Representative

File Number: 20-AMS-BLTN-LOA Catering and Conferences-August 28
Union Label: KQ: hp usw2009