Alma Mater Society – Election of Bargaining Committee

March 5, 2021

To: All MoveUP members at Alma Mater Society

Your collective agreement expires on May 31, 2021. Please be aware the agreement will continue in full force until a new agreement is negotiated and ratified. We need job stewards to serve with Union Representative, Kelly Quinn on the bargaining committee.  Please consider putting your name forward to fill this important role. Currently, we have two job stewards , Ricardo Bortolon and Nadia Sobouhi.

Before this can happen, you must elect your bargaining committee. The role of bargaining committee member is a very important one. Those you elect to serve on the bargaining committee will be entrusted to work alongside the Union Representative, and the union office, to achieve a renewed collective agreement.

The bargaining committee will be composed of two members and one alternate. The bargaining committee members will participate in all bargaining activities following their election. The role of the alternate will be to fill in for either of the members if they are for any reason absent or unable to continue on the committee.

When the election process begins nominations will be opened. Any union member in good standing may be nominated by one of their coworkers. Nominations must also be seconded by another union member. Once all of the nominations have been made, the nominees will be asked whether or not they accept their nominations.

A secret ballot vote will then be conducted by mail. The ballots will be counted by the union’s returning officer. The two nominees with the greatest number of votes will be elected as bargaining committee members. The nominee with the third greatest number of votes will be elected alternate. The results will be announced via bulletin.

If you have any quest ions regarding the election process, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

In solidarity,
Kelly Quinn,
Union Representative

File Number: 21-AMS-Barg-BLTN-Election of Bargaining Committee
Union Label: KQ:hp USW2009


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