Accenture Repatriation – Contingent Labour (TEMPWORKS EMPLOYEES)

July 5, 2017

To: All MoveUP members at Accenture Business Services

Under the terms of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOU #85)  and Letter of Understanding – Use of External Contingent Labour for Bargaining Unit Work between MoveUP and BC Hydro to repatriate workers from Accenture, the parties agreed to meet in good faith and attempt to reach an agreement by June 30, 2017 on how BC Hydro would be staffing contingent labour/temporary positions going forward.

Currently, BC Hydro uses Tempworks, a division of Accenture, to supply some of its contingent labour, however, under the terms of the new MOU #85, (point 42) “Affected Employees working in Tempworks will not be offered roles at BC Hydro.”

The Union met with BC Hydro on June 20th to discuss how contingent labour would be utilized going forward, but did not reach agreement. At the request of BC Hydro, the union has agreed to extend the deadline from June 30th to July 31st. Your union has advised BC Hydro that the matter will be referred to mediation should no agreement be reached by July 31, 2017.

In solidarity,

Tony Geluch, Union Representative
Barbara Junker, Union Representative

File Number: 16-0672
Union Label: BJ:cm usw2009

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