Stewards & Councillors

As a Steward or Councillor in your workplace, you are the spokesperson for your union. You are a vital link between the membership and the elected leadership. You speak for your fellow members in the day to day relations between our union and management. For many members who don’t attend union meetings, you may be the only union representative with whom they come in contact.

In the course of your work as a Steward or Councillor, many questions will arise. The following links provide some practical information and

Grievance Forms

Click here to find the standard forms for filing investigating and filing a grievance.

Job Steward Manual

An invaluable guide to assist you in fulfilling your obligations to fellow MoveUP members in your workplace. Click here to download the updated Job Steward Manual.

Member Orientation Handbook

Everything a new member needs to know about the benefits of union membership, the structure of MoveUP, collective agreements, and so on. There are more resources for members here.

Labour Council Report

Labour Councils are the local, regional arms of the Canadian Labour Congress. They provide a place for members of all trade unions affiliated to the CLC to come together, discuss issues and campaign for workers’ rights. MoveUP members are appointed to their local Labour Councils by the union's executive board.

Download the February 2017 Labour Council Report here.

BC Labour Code

The general rules governing all workplaces in the province.

Working Alone Regulations: Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs on the new Occupational Health and Safety Regulations on working alone or in isolation.

Working Alone FAQs341.71 KB
Financial Literacy Presentation - Catherine McCreary2.58 MB
MoveUP Job Steward Manual - Dec 2015241.95 KB
Labour Council Report Jan. 2017.pdf1.18 MB
Labour Council Report Feb. 2017.pdf676.08 KB
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